Our Story

At Pet Supplies Plus of Charlotte, we understand what your pets mean to you and how important their health and happiness is. After all, you are more than just a pet owner – you are a parent in many senses of the word. Your animals are a huge part of your life and we would like to make them a huge part of ours.

At our store, we are locally owned and operated which means that you won’t be lost in the aisles, searching endlessly for something like you would in a big box store. All Pet Supplies Plus employees we hire love all breeds of dogs and cats and enjoy being able to answer your questions, help you out to the car and going the extra mile so you know how much your business means to our business. Your dollar will stretch further with us and you are going to get much more than just your money’s worth in our store.

We know that optimum health for your animal begins with the proper nutrition and care. Our company is dedicated to finding the healthiest, highest quality foods being made around the country and carrying those for your pet. Because of this we carry the biggest selection of natural and holistic brands including Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Evo, and Earthborn, just to name a few. We also hope you will look to our staff for questions about training, eating habits and much more because education is the best path toward healthy animals.

Pet Supplies Plus is committed to creating a family environment that will change the way you feel about taking your pet to the store. We hope to build relationships that will last for a lifetime by providing the best customer care in Charlotte. We also hope to strengthen the community by holding outreach clinics, supporting non-profits and hosting adoption days as well as fun days that the whole family will enjoy.

Your pet’s health is our priority everyday.