Jun 20th

How to pick the best fish for your family.

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Few things are as serene and beautiful as an aquarium filled with colorful fish. If you are planning to purchase your first aquarium, we would love to help you create the perfect one. At Pet Supplies Plus, we carry all the best tanks, fish and equipment to design a water wonderland.

There are a few things to take into consideration when buying a new tank. How big would you like your aquarium to be? From small fish bowls to enormous tanks, we have you covered! What size is the space where the aquarium will be? A good size starter aquarium is between 10-20 gallons.

Swimming Fish

Next, what kinds of fish do you like? Fish tanks, just like the real world, can be a place for harmony or conflict. We want to show you how to pick fish that will compliment your tank as well as one another. It is tempting to pick out many fish at once, but starting slowly is your best bet. By adding a few fish at a time, you can allow your new pets to acclimate to their new home better.

We strive to have the healthiest, best fish in town, but we will make sure that their eyes are bright and all of their fins are intact. We will also guide you in choosing fish that are compatible with one another as well as low maintenance since this is your first aquarium.

At Pet Supplies Plus, we have aisles of tank choices, colorful backgrounds and rock varieties, exciting and fun decorations as well as everything you will need to keep your fish healthy and happy in the future. Stop in today to talk with one of our pet specialists about the aquarium of your dreams!

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